Malas – My Wish (Kok ada site multi-languange ?, Aneh !)

February 25, 2012 at 12:59 am Leave a comment

I was writing this post at late mid nite, And I’m so,so,so Boring and so lazy too, to do anything, even for hearing the music, I don’t know what should to do. May be this is because the transition. This My first great decision , I was left something, but I think that is be come the best for me. I am wishing for better, for me and for everyone around me. Sometime in the future, I belive that a chance will come again for me, and I am ready. Ready to survive again, flying to the sky and will never disapoint anyone. Hope Jesus Crist Always in my heart.

Biarkan saya mentraslit-nya :

Dalam bahasa batak : Molo on do dalan na nuaem denggan, lok ma hu dalani. Asa gabe na denggan tu ari nuaeng gok ro. Papujion ku do Yesus Kristus di saleleng na.

Dalam melayu : Apabila ini satu jalan yang elok untuk awak, make biar lah kite urang jalani, biar Yesus Crist selalu kat benak.

Dalam Indonesia EYD : Ini jalan terbaik. Terima kasih Tuhan Yesus.

Anda mau arti yang mana ?


Entry filed under: Malas, Nasib oh..nasib.

Tersadar aku..oh..Ternyata banyak yang seperti ini disini..:D Aku Suka Local Art : Hanya sewaktu boring ! Gawat !

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