Lady Gaga is coming to Indonesia, Problem ?

May 17, 2012 at 12:19 am 2 comments

A hottest issue in my country today, so why ?

Is it bad ?

To answer this question, let me to explain something.

Indonesia is a plural countries, hundreds of ethnic and various of religious, I had hear many bad history because it, So, I can say this is the culprit  of the chaos. And the most important is about religious,This is so dangerous thing. Indonesia now comes with import religion , they come from east-asia, arab or europe, So, no one religion is pure comes from this country, I had to exploring about religion, I have seen there is many of religious comes with they ethnic habit from which the religion presented. So, the point is, we have a deepest heart, religion not talk about our calculation or right logical thinking ! Here is just about your faith and destiny ! that’s all.

Saya rasa, kita tidak akan  membuang makanan yang ada dimeja jika ada se-seorang lewat membawa kantong berisikan kotoran dari hadapan kita. Seperti itu juga iman kita, masakan kita sia2kan pahala kita dengan berlaku arogan hanya karena hal yang “dikatakan sepele pun tidak” ! Saya bukan penggemar yang setia pada suatu hal, tetapi, asalkan tidak menggangu, mengapa tidak ?



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    • 2. benhard  |  May 22, 2012 at 7:15 pm

      Emangnya kalau si gagap itu baptis pengikut setan ada pengaruh sama kita (itu pun kalau benar ada faktanya)?
      Apakah anda akan terpengaruh?
      saya sendiri tidak suka dengan si gagap, Lebih suka The Killers..hahaha…
      Seharusnya kita open minded..


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