Life In Pray

October 20, 2012 at 9:47 pm Leave a comment

In My live, I don’t have many friends. That’s not mean that I’m just thinks for myself only and abandon around me. But what I mean just to re-membering my Brother, He is named “Kristo Belly Boy“, I think that’s a cool ever name as I know, Hahaha :D, easy Boy. Even before i don’t know that his birthday is today, I know coz I was saw my brother facebook status  (his older brother) in a tearing in hearth, for remember him.

In My pass time,  going to their homes its one moment that I can get in the holyday and I was very happy for everytime I visit them. I’m happy to see the swarm, coz I live in the center of city before. I happy go around the jungle. Of course I go with Boy, He was a kind man. In the another time, not only me go to their home, they are also coming to my home. I was very..very happy. If Boy coming to home, we are will go anywhere that I never go before and I know that   he is have a little naughty, but Im enjoy it, its funny for fun, really. Its make me look around me, heiii.. im not really2 home boys. I call me as clever ..hahahha :D.

Sometime, i though why he is named Boy, not Oldman, so he is will life for long and become an oldman so and so..

Boy was rest in peace and I pray in this earth of your life in pray my Brothe!

Just now, we are lose our friends, just older 2 years than me. My brother, just go..go.. i love you man! Rest In Peace!

Live unpredictable.

I  wan’t make mistake in live … couse maybe once upon a time I will become something or maybe God calling me for life and live at it heavens.

So,  just keep a live and dont miss even a second in live for nothin.


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Secret God, Nothing else, nothing ..

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